KitchCo is a manufacturer of fine crafted Kitchenware Utensils & Accessories.

Our purpose is to find needed Kitchenware that would make yours or my life simpler and make it well.

A quick story. I always used to get aggravated every time I would make a Roast, Turkey or similar meal and I had to handle or move the food between Bowls, Pans, Dishes, etc. I used to use fork tongs, oversized spatulas and other utensils always with poor, messy results. As a result I decided to look into alternatives.
The Result? The KitchCo Hot Gloves which allow you to directly and securely handle hot foods like Turkeys, Roasts and other similar meals.
Easy handling.
No mess.
That is what KitchCo is about, finding the Kitchenware items you don’t even know you need and making them well.

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